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Having Fun with Raven’s Return

I am going through Raven’s Return, my second book, and having fun with it.

I first started editing it and figuring out what I needed to change, and then I got very serious about it, and then I hated it.

What happened?

I forgot to have fun with the book. It’s not a serious topic, but a plot-driven, playful book. I forgot to have fun with the characters, and I’m sure at this point they are so happy that I’m playing with them now.


What am I doing so different?

I’m adding more and more dialogue on each page. I learned from my first book, Brownie Fix, that the dialogue moves the story along, and readers want the dialogue. Once I started adding the dialogue, then I started having fun again.

I had forgotten that writing was supposed to be fun, but it’s the editing that’s a pain.

Right now, bring on the dialogue.



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