The Paranoid Writer

When Life Gets in the Way

Waiting, Waiting

This waiting is really hard to do, and I’m stuck on my other book. Well, I’m not exactly stuck, but the book is starting to take another direction, and I’m not so sure I want it to go there. I’m writing today after my class, so I will see where the book leads. Do I really have any control over anything? Waiting, waiting.

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Good News

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in awhile. So far, I have four agents looking at my material. One of them has had my chapters for about four months, and this is pretty typical for him. The other agents have been recent. It was like the agent world was quiet in January through March, and then in April with the arrival of spring, they awoke. Good for me. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s difficult. It’s a long process, and it’s out of my control. Deep breaths.

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