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When Life Gets in the Way


It’s slow, slow, slow. I’ve been sending out query letters, but the response this week and last week is slower than usual. I did receive a rejection from a query from September. I’m so ready to get this book represented and published, but the response time is slow, slow, slow.

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One of the agents, who had my manuscript, turned it down. She said she wasn’t passionate about it. Really, how can you not be passionate about sex and chocolate? The other guy is notorious as a slow reader, so I’m waiting on him. In the meantime, I’ve set a goal to send five letters out a day for agents. So far, the letters are going out. And the second novel? It’s slowly, slowly coming.

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Very Anxious

I’m really anxious over the two agents that have my book. It’s been a month, so I should hear from them pretty soon. In the meantime, I’m sending out more query letters.

It’s interesting to note that in January and early February, there was little response for rejections. Now, the pace is normal again, and I’m receiving the normal rejection letter per day. Perhaps there was a back up in January.

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Update . . . Finally

My goodness. It’s been awhile since I’ve written, so here is an update.

Currently at two agents:
Full manuscript for an exclusive
Partial reading

Other good news:
I received a hand-written note from an uber-agent, who rejected me, but told me to keep on looking for an agent because I really had something. That’s good news. Also, I received an email reject that the world was not ready for my novel. That’s a keeper.

Other news:
My manuscript that an agent had in October? fell into a black hole, and the possibility with an e-book company was rejected.

I am sending out query letters, and if I receive denials then I keep on going.

I’ll keep on updating when I get some news.

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