The Paranoid Writer

When Life Gets in the Way

What To Do . . .

What do you do while you wait for responses about your manuscript?

1. Check emails every three seconds?

2. Make brownies?

3. Go back to normal life?

4. Start on the next book?

Usually, my answer is #2 or #1 or both. Normal life? Um, no.

However, I’ve started another book. It’s not the second in my series, but it’s one of those non-fiction, self-deprecating books. It’s been real easy to write, and it’s taking up my time. That’s good. Perhaps, it’s even freed my mind.

The ironic part is that this little book will probably sell pretty fast, and my other books will still be waiting in line. In fact, I might add a little blog to go with the other book under my pen name. Hmm.

In the meantime, I have had some good responses on Raven’s Return, and I’m playing the waiting game right now. But who says I have to wait and not do anything?







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