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Third Draft

Third Draft.  All right.  I actually did hard edits for the third draft to make sure I was connecting all my lines.  I am.  Sure, it takes longer to make hard edits and then put them in your manuscript, but it works for me because I remember more by writing down what is needed.  Make sense?  Now, I have to type up my edits, and it will take a while.  I am almost there.  I think one more draft to tidy up, and then I can have my readers.  Wait.  Did I say that about the third draft?  At some point, I will have those readers and then back to edits.  It is a process.

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Working On Third Draft

I’m working on the third draft, and now I’m starting to feel the writing.  The lyrical writing and the rhythm is starting to come out again.  I’m starting to enjoy my sentences, and I’m getting excited about what I write.  It seems that in the first two drafts, I worked out the time line, the logistics, and the plot.  I have a good grasp on my characters, and now I can flesh them out more and connect my symbols, which brings me my rhythm.  So, come on, my third draft, and let’s get it going.  Turn the power on.

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Only Three More Chapters to Go

Only three more chapters to go, and I’m chomping at the bit.  I can feel the end, but I want to take my time and not rush it.  I just have to get it right.  Only three more chapters, and then I’m on to that attainable third draft.  Come on.  Come on.

Come on. Come on. Finish it.

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