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Ten Things I Learned From My Therapist

Last month my therapist retired. I’ve been seeing her forever, and she has helped me tremendously in my own journey towards self-acceptance. Here are the top 10 things I learned from her:


1. Stinking Thinking

This is simply negative talk. Get rid of it.


2. Push Play

I usually said this when I would talk about the same things. What I didn’t realize was that the more I talked out loud about my issues, the more I was able to accept them and start moving forward.


3. Fake It Until You Make It

If you really are feeling bad about yourself, just fake feeling better about yourself. Put on make-up, dress nice, and fix your hair. Eventually you will start to believe it.


4. Do The Opposite

Without going into too much boring detail, I do the opposite of what I was taught about myself.


 5. It’s Easier To Make Yourself Miserable Than To Work At Being Happy

Yep. Being depressed and miserable was pretty much the norm, and it was hard to be happy because it was such a weird feeling. Now, I’m used to that feeling of happiness. I know it sounds nuts, but that was why I was in therapy.


6. Do Not Self-Destruct

I’m used to self-destructing because it’s familiar. Do not be scared of success.


 7. Embrace The Compliments

Learn to say thank you and accept it.


8. Zip It

Important. As someone who has an eating disorder, I constantly have to zip it when I see my daughter eating something that I think is not good for her. In that line, I learned that food is not divided into two groups: bad and good. It is just food. Eat in moderation.


9. Break The Cycle

Instead of losing my temper with my kids, I have to talk to them and listen. If I do make a mistake, admit it and apologize.


10. Demons

I cannot destroy them because they’re a part of me. I just have to declare peace with them.



There’s a lot more, but those are some of things I’ve learned in how to treat myself with kindness. I also learned about judgment, another bad habit. Break the cycle, baby.

I’m good right now and at peace, except when PMS roars its ugly head. I still get judgmental and make mistakes and slip into Stinking Thinking, but now I catch myself and know what to do.

Will I need therapy again? I’m sure I will, but I’m not scared anymore, and I like myself. That is huge progress.

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