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When Life Gets in the Way

Too Much To Do–And Loving It

Seriously, wake us up when you start writing again.

When you have too much to do and love it, you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  Finally, it’s great to wake up and look forward to not only writing but knowing that your work is going to be published.  It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel.  If only I didn’t have 72 freshman papers to grade that’s blocking out a little of that light.  Push on through it.

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Test Again

This is another test because Facebook isn’t working again.

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Good News From My Editor

I’ve got good news from my editor.  She read the first section of Brownie Fix, my first book, and she has just a few changes.  I wonder if this book will launch first rather than Raven’s Return?  It’s still hard to believe that I am going to get these books published.

Excuse me, I thought I was your editor.

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Got It Working and Now Back To Reality

I’m doing a test again to see if the new post shows up on Facebook and Twitter.  If it does, then success, and then I need to get back to reality and back to work on my books and life.  If it doesn’t work, then I’m going to pull my hair out or take a nap.

Seriously, wake us up when you start writing again.

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Technology.  Technology.  Technology.  It’s great, as long as I can figure it out.  This test is basically to see if the blog entry goes to my Facebook Fan page and Twitter account.  I set up a bunch of different settings in the “pages” section of my blog and also on my Facebook Fan page.  Let’s see if it works.


I'm feeling like Medusa right now.



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Head Hurts

Oh my gosh, I have so many ideas that are falling into place that my head hurts. I am having to write them down on a yellow pad so that I don’t lose them.  I’m working on my next set of three chapters, and I’m concentrating on my voice and building texture.  The texture comes from my times spent in Colombia.  I love it.  In the meantime, my dear webmaster is building my web page.  I can’t believe it’s all happening so quick.  I just have to breathe and concentrate on my writing right now.

What? We're having a meeting. Get on with your writing.

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Falling Into Place

Everything seems to be falling into place.  I friend of mine, who is a photographer, has offered to do the cover art for free.  That is a huge relief.  I can’t wait to get started, provided my editor gives the thumbs up to proceed.  Another friend of mine is a model, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe she would want to be the model on at least one of the covers.  I will see what happens.  It really feels good.  If only I didn’t have all those papers to grade.  That’s an area where I just have to push onward and get it done.


Let's go. Let's go. When can I get this cone of shame off?


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Out Of Body Experience

I finished a conference on Skype today with my editor–that’s right, my editor.  Even writing those words are so exciting because I never thought that I would actually get an editor.  Today we talked about cover art, web sites, action plans, budgets, and, yes, my writing.  It’s such an out of body experience to be talking about marketing my books, but it is happening.  I love it.  I am really looking forward to setting up my web site.  Last week, I set up a marketing plan, and it just felt right.  I am really enjoying the whole process of getting my books ready for the public.

And the writing?  I’ve got edits, but it’s easy because it is just cathartic to find your rhythm and let it all go into your writing.

Love it.


Let's get writing, now.


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The Assistant to the Assistant Taking A Break

Don’t Mess With My Rooster

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Meet Our New Assistant to the Assistant

I’m Kirby.  I’m helping on the edits with Harry and Hagrid.  My job is to make sure that my writer stays focused.  I’ll be fine as long as long as the writing doesn’t put me to sleep.


Beauty Sleep


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