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When Life Gets in the Way

What I Learned

What I learned from re-writing Raven’s Return . . .

Time: It doesn’t matter how long it takes because you just do it.

Rules: I have to have rules in my book, and the rules need to be followed to make sense. However, I can change the rules.

Control: I created the universe of Raven’s Return, and I can change it. I am not locked into the plot if it does not move me. I am not trapped.

Consequences: If I change the rules and the universe, then I must face consequences.

That’s what I’ve been doing with Raven’s Return. Consequences. I got bored, my readers got bored, and I no longer liked the book. It needed life. I changed the rules. I changed its universe. I made the good characters evil and flipped everyone upside down.

Now, I have to face the consequences, which means re-writing the book. As I always tell my students, “Reading about evil people is just a little bit more fun than reading about good people.”



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