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When Life Gets in the Way

Still Waiting

Well, I’m still waiting to hear from agents, but no luck yet. I’ve put on three pounds this summer from eating chocolate and sugar, so it is back to Weight Watchers and weights; I believe I have the cardio covered with the Half training. I want to know why is it that when my kids bring in junk food that I will eat it? Case in point: I just ate four squares of a Hershey’s bar and dipped it in peanut butter. Yum. Yum. Yum. You know, I don’t care what the kids eat outside of the house but inside, I like to have good foods. This summer has been the exception with cookie making and stress. It’s a good thing my long run is in the morning. I’ve got some great motivation to get off this extra weight–a pair of Sevens in my closet. My goal is to have those jeans on me by September.

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What To Do While I Wait

What to do while I’m waiting for agents . . .

Clean out closet–done
Clean out office–done
Clean out kid’s room–done
Clean out playroom–done
Hit the Nordstrom sale–done
Work on the second novel–Nope. Procrastinate and make list.

All right. I’ll get back to work.

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Rejection Letters

The rejection letters are starting to come in very slowly. Actually, they are very nice so far. Some of them say they like my writing but not the topic and to send them more when I have it. So far, I only have one that says the subject area is too tame for the market. Hmm. I disagree. It only takes one to accept, so I am learning patience. Keep fingers crossed.

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Well, I’ve entered the manic stage again, instead of the depression. It would be nice to be just in the middle. I wonder what that is like? Of course, I’m exaggerating–I’m a writer. It’s good to be writing again. I do mean writing, not just editing over and over again. The first draft of a new novel, though very rough, is always a relief. It’s the editing that’s hard–trying to perfect your sentences with rhythm and get rid of the junk. If I can write one beautiful sentence each day, then I have done my job. Without writing, the voices stay locked in my head, but when I write they can breathe and come out to play on my screen. Honestly, I’m much nicer person when I write.

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Time to Start Writing

I guess while I’m waiting for agents, I’ll do what I supposed to be doing–writing. My next novel has been banging around in my head for six months now, and the more I ignore it, the more it starts to invade all my thoughts. It’s time to start writing again or I won’t be able to function. So wonder I’ve been so depressed and nervous.

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Introduction from the Paranoid Writer

Thanks Harry and Hagrid for the vote of confidence. Really, why am I thanking my cats?

I’ve been working on my novel for three years, and now I’m ready or the novel is ready (is it ever ready?) for attempted publication. I’ve sent out 25 query letters via email today, and I’ll let you know how many comments I get back. Right now, it’s the waiting game. Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety.

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Handing the Pen Over to Mom

All right. We are going to give blog control over to our mom and let her tell you about her own descent into the paranoid world of writing and trying to publish her first novel. Go for it.

You’re insane.

Harry and Hagrid

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