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Demi Lovato and Her Eating Disorder

I was reading a story today about Demi Lovato and her battle with bulimia and cutting.

She said that it was a battle that she would have to face the rest of her life.

I admire that she has the guts to admit that an eating disorder is something that you battle with everyday of your life. My character in Brownie Fix has an eating disorder, and I didn’t shape her experiences straight out of my imagination but from experiences.

I could never admit that I had an eating disorder until my 30s, and here is Demi Lovato, only 19 and a celebrity under public scrutiny, admitting that it’s something she battles with everyday.

She is right on target and one gutsy girl.

When you have an eating disorder, you do not get better overnight. It’s something that you have to deal with every day. I don’t think you could ever battle with it and win because it will get you each time, but you have to know your triggers and be careful every day.

I wish that I had her maturity when I was 19 instead of continuing with the battle until my 30s and wrecking my body.

I hope she can reach young girls and educate them about the dangers of an eating disorder, and I find it hopeful that she is speaking out about the truth of this disease.

I’ve been told that Brownie Fix may have a tendency to trigger eating disorders, but that was never my intention. I hope that Brownie Fix can give hope that you don’t have to battle day in and day out with this disease, but accept it and learn how deal with it . . . every day of your life.

That’s what I heard in Demi Lovato’s words.

We all have our little demons or as Persey in Brownie Fix calls them, her “voices.” They make us who we are, and we have to accept them as part of us and learn how to deal with them instead of constantly battling them.

I hope Demi Lovato can find that peace. It’s a long and constant journey, but that’s part of life . . . learning and growing and accepting.



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