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Out Of Body Experience

I finished a conference on Skype today with my editor–that’s right, my editor.  Even writing those words are so exciting because I never thought that I would actually get an editor.  Today we talked about cover art, web sites, action plans, budgets, and, yes, my writing.  It’s such an out of body experience to be talking about marketing my books, but it is happening.  I love it.  I am really looking forward to setting up my web site.  Last week, I set up a marketing plan, and it just felt right.  I am really enjoying the whole process of getting my books ready for the public.

And the writing?  I’ve got edits, but it’s easy because it is just cathartic to find your rhythm and let it all go into your writing.

Love it.


Let's get writing, now.


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The Assistant to the Assistant Taking A Break

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