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Raven’s Return is Finished

imagesThe last time I wrote on this blog was in October of last year. Wow. I cannot believe how consumed I’ve been with flipping this book to first person. It has taken forever or seems like forever. I finally finished it, and I have my readers in place.

Why in the word did I ever decide to flip my narrator from third person to first person? It’s because it sounds so much better now. I like this book. I really like it. Changing to first person was really the best thing I’ve done for this book, but it was tons of work. I really re-wrote the book.

If ever any writers want to flip their narrator, talk to me first. It’s a huge commitment.

I’m happy with it.

I’m glad I can start blogging again. I was just so consumed with this book that I placed any other writing on the back burning. Yes. I have another idea stirring about something completely different, but that is literally another story.

And I have the second book to write of Raven’s Return. Don’t worry. It will be in first person.

And . . . Happy St. Patrick’s Day.




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Here We Go

Here We Go

Here we go. Blogging again. Yep. That means Raven’s Return is almost done, and I’m gearing up into production and marketing. I had to flip the narrator to first person, and it’s making the voice modern. I love it.

The web page is on a new server and will be designed again to fit the second book. And . . . the cover is in the design mode. Thank you, Barry Guimbellot. It’s about to become real again.

To self publish or find an agent? Marketing is the key here, so that will be the major selling point in my decision. This time around, I will not ignore the red flags.

Right now, I’m having fun with my first person narrator.

Time to get busy again. It feels good.



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