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Raven’s Return

I haven’t visited my blog for awhile. I was busy flipping Raven’s Return to 1st person, dealing with a health issue, and switching careers. In other words, I was going through a midlife crisis.

I survived the editing, health issue, and career change. It’s good sometimes to be thrown off balance and switch to another road.

So Raven’s Return . . . going back to basics again with the original manuscript with some changes. Either I find a publisher or go indie. I’m tired of stalling, tired of trying to make the damn thing perfect. It just needs to breath and be what it is . . . a coming to age fantasy. My other story is knocking around in my head, and I can’t shake it. I’m going to have to place it on paper soon before it gets the best of me. Raven’s Return needs to be set free.

Career change. Yep. You can read about it at and my Facebook page is

Switched from teaching to personal training. I’m still teaching, but my students are not falling asleep and turning their papers in late. My lesson plans are workout sessions, and I get to interact one on one with my clients. I love it. I can workout with them and teach them about Dante. Can’t beat it.

The health scare. Dodged a bullet. I still have to go get checked out again in February, but I know I’ll be all right.

Change is good. It keeps us going.




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