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When Life Gets in the Way

Change of Perspective and Sense Regained

It’s a new year, and I’m going to concentrate on gratitude this year.

Last year, I just wanted the year to come to an end very quickly. However, December brought everything into focus, and my perspective changed. It’s amazing how the universe works itself out. It just took one event to bring it into focus again and make me think again about what is going on in my life.

That one event involved getting my hearing back in my right ear. It had been fading for over two years. I was to the point that when I entered a conversation, I would have major anxiety that I could not understand the person talking, and then I would talk over them because I was so anxious.

If it wasn’t for my little girl breaking her elbow and having two surgeries and thus meeting our high deductible, then I would never had my hearing checked. I just could not believe that I could have my hearing fixed with an operation. Sometimes I wonder if the universe has a plan for us, and we have to figure out which path we want.

We do have choices, but we need the initiative to make them.

This year, I want to concentrate on gratitude and slowing down to appreciate what life has given me: good times and bad.





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