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The Lovely Mountains

Three weeks ago, I had to make a tough decision. My publisher and I parted ways, and I decided to self-publish. Really, all roads in the last year have pointed me in this direction. When I was under contract, I learned more and more about self-publishing, and I watched it become hotter and hotter.

Over the summer, I started to learn about formatting for paperbacks and different ebooks.  When the time came for my publisher and I to go our separate ways, I was ready to take the plunge.

Two weeks later, my Kindle version is ready to go, and my paperback proof is on its way to my house to look over for mistakes. All I need to do is correct if there are errors, which there will be a few, and then it’s ready. My Amazon page is ready to go, and I’m waiting for confirmation for a “Search Inside” option that will help the readers look anywhere in the book before they buy.

My iBook and Nook are almost ready to be uploaded and approved. Actually, they’re ready, but my picky computer guru wants to tweak it a little.

Really, it has not been easy to learn about different files and different formats and fix the bugs, but it helps that my other half is a computer genius and wants to see me succeed. I’ve been living on a huge learning curve these last two weeks, but I love the outcome. All the formats of Brownie Fix look great, and the process of formatting will be easier when my next book comes out. In other words, I’ll know what I’m doing.

There’s a reason why mountains are thrown in our way. Sure, we can give up, curl up in a fetal position, and blame everyone else, or we can climb. It’s tough, and it hurts, but we climb because that’s how we grow. I know I’ve grown with some lovely mountains in my way this last year, and I’ve learned how strong I can be.

I don’t want to be complacent and watch life pass me by in a series of “I could have.” I cannot wait until I can finally tell everyone that Brownie Fix is ready to go.

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