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Fodder for a Writer

Fodder for a writer–that’s right, fodder.  There are times when, sometimes, as an adult, the insecurities of childhood rear their ugly heads.  It could be something as a simple phrase or even one word, but the insecurities rise.  What to do?  Get over it?  Not for a writer.  We simply use the insecurities, the emotion that comes with it, and translate into our plots.  At least that’s what I do if I’m hit, literally, with some drama from my childhood.  Rather than stewing over it or calling my friends or therapist, I write about it and give that insecurity to one of my characters or I’ll place it in the plot to cause controversy.  Thank you for the drama from our poisonous  acquaintances because it becomes fodder and then transforms into beautiful ideas and then words.  That’s what we do as writers.  That’s what I do.

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