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Raven’s Return is Finished

imagesThe last time I wrote on this blog was in October of last year. Wow. I cannot believe how consumed I’ve been with flipping this book to first person. It has taken forever or seems like forever. I finally finished it, and I have my readers in place.

Why in the word did I ever decide to flip my narrator from third person to first person? It’s because it sounds so much better now. I like this book. I really like it. Changing to first person was really the best thing I’ve done for this book, but it was tons of work. I really re-wrote the book.

If ever any writers want to flip their narrator, talk to me first. It’s a huge commitment.

I’m happy with it.

I’m glad I can start blogging again. I was just so consumed with this book that I placed any other writing on the back burning. Yes. I have another idea stirring about something completely different, but that is literally another story.

And I have the second book to write of Raven’s Return. Don’t worry. It will be in first person.

And . . . Happy St. Patrick’s Day.




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New Book Trailer

Check out my Book Trailer for Brownie Fix.

The release date is coming at the end of August.

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How To Find Your Voice

With all the edits Brownie Fix has been through, it’s come back, full circle to the book I want, but now it’s better. I connected two of my threads that I dropped and added an element that I knew was there but just did not see it. Losing my voice was so easy with all the editing, and then I began to doubt myself as the book went slowly away from my original vision. It’s back to me now, and I really like it. I had to dig deep and find my main character’s voice again.

So what do you do when you lose your character’s voice? Dig deep and look at the original vision and stick to it, making sure that all the threads are in place. In other words, keep writing, and the voice will come out again full force. If you’re got something good, listen to your gut and believe it.

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